The Art of Brewing

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Winter is upon us and its time we let go of our favorite summer coffee concoctions such as iced lattes, cold brews (even though I have to admit, I still drink it in the winter) and all things served on the rocks.

Most of us are content with just plugging in the old coffee maker, adding a couple of spoonfuls of our favorite java and waiting for the miracle to happen, which usually does not take more than 2 or 3 minutes. Some people though like to "geek out" on the process of getting their caffeine fix, especially that first one which, for me at least determines how good or bad the rest of the day will be.

There are plenty of ways to brew your morning, noon or, afternoon cup and they vary in complexity just like any other item that needs to be prepared hot first in order to be consumed. And, of course, each style requires their own set of equipment that could be a simple as a sock (if you live in the Rockies, travel only on horse back and like to sleep under the stars), a great French Press, a Chemex  or as complex as the Trinity One coffee brewing apparatus that we featured in the accompanying photo.  

No matter what you use, the principles are pretty much the same.

Here's a break down of steps you need to follow for in order to get to coffee heaven:

1. Ger yourself a good scale 

2. Make sure you grind your coffee as you use it. If you don't have a grinder then you can have it ground at your favorite coffee shop (just don't be an a-hole and task them to grind coffee there that you purchased somewhere else) but make sure you will consume it within 2 weeks tops in order for it to stay fresh.

3. Use that good scale you purchased above to weigh just about 2 grams of coffee per 1 oz of coffee that you would like to brew, so, for example, you will need 24 grams of coffee in order to get a 12oz cup.

4. Add the coffee to your favorite brewing apparatus, add hot water as per the method you choose and wait for the appropriate time for it to brew.

5. Don't burn your self.

6. Look down upon the mere mortals who drink mass produced coffee on your way to work. 


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